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Moni's 'Virtual' World

Hello and welcome on my website :-)

Great, that you have come across here. I hope you will find something from which you will either gain new cognitions or which makes you smile ;-)

You can get a general idea of all pages or catch up on new pages or the last changes on News & History.

Unfortunately, I have not all pages translated into English yet. At the moment there are only a few pages available in English. But by and by I will hopefully find some time to work on it. However, enjoy! :-)

What's to discover for the time being:

  • About me what I reveal of myself British flag
  • MountainWorld some reports / photos of my hiking and trekking tours in the mountains British flag
  • Usenet a short explanation and what I have to do with it British flag
  • Recipes some of my favourite recipes German flag

Constructive criticism of any kind - but not too much at a single blow <g> - is welcome.
I would particularly be glad if you let me know if you get at a broken link. I always check my pages before and after the upload and once in a while but I can also overlook something. Thank you! :-)