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Usenet - What is behind all this?

Usenet is made up of multitudinous newsgroups (discussion forums) for all imaginable topics. In these newsgroups the users (participants) can exchange views/experiences of technologies, sciences, ideologies, leisure activities, hobbies, etc. or just talk.

I am not going to explain on this page where you can find the usenet and how it works as there are already good pages in the internet and I do not want to 'reinvent the wheel'. ;-) If you want to know more about it have a look at Wikipedia. There you will find more information.

What I like about Usenet

I like this way of information and knowledge exchange. As 'newbie' (beginner) I was first on the enquiring side and was rendered great assistance; meanwhile I can also share my knowledge. There are undoubtedly still open questions but I know where I will be helped if need be. ;-)

Where I hang around in Usenet

My 'homegroup' was 't-online.talk.allgemein' an internal newsgroup of my ISP where one can talk about everything. Besides this group I generally posted in the other T-Online internal newsgroups. Unfortunately, this hierarchy was set on 'read only' at the end of 2009, an extraordinary service got lost with it; RIP t-online.*. :-( In groups out of this hierarchy I predominantly read only to be up to date. The latter simply due to lack of time as one day spans just 24 hours and, needless to say, life changes and turns to other, new interests.