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My 'Mountain World'


Mountains have always fascinated me and have more and more attracted me over the years. Long time I thought hiking on my own does not come off, it would be too dangerous. 1995, eventually, I did not longer fancy looking for suitable company and I decided to try it out on my own.

No sooner said that done I bought adequate equipment. Then in July the first attempt on the occasion of a works outing to hike up Wendelstein (1838 m - Bavaria / Mangfall Mountain Range). I as beginner was desperate to "hoof" it up with the others what I just made from the lower station of the rack railway (550 m) in Brannenburg to the middle station (1200 m), whew, the rest of the distance I took the rack railway. The pace (650 m ascent in 2 hours) and the quite high temperature were simply unfavourable for unexercised. Well, later on I ran ... err ...walked easily downhill from the peak. However, I had to pay for this activity with undescribably sore muscles which made passably natural walking impossible for the next three days. ;-)

In September I spent a holiday at Robinson Club "Schlanitzen Alm" (Nassfeld/Austria) where I could take my first steps in the mountains with guided groups. A nice club amidst fascinating mountains which also pleased with recreation options, excellent food and evening entertainment.

Where else I hang around you can see from my hikes.

It is about pure personal reports which are no full descriptions of routes. These shall only reflect some impressions of the respective tours. As I myself like to have a look at other pages while planning tours I didn't want to keep my pictures back from the "world-wide web". ;-)

Well, enjoy having a look at and have a lot of wonderful adventures in the mountains. :-)

Just a little bit more about me and my hikes:

As you can see from the reports I am mostly on my own en route. An exception are my 'mountain tours' during which I allow myself the "luxury" of the organisation made by an experienced tour operator and being on my way with a guided group. This naturally influences the choice of the destination as well as the realisation as I am rather too careful than reckless. I think that one should not overrate one's capabilities, find out one's personal limits and adapt oneself to these. "The path is the destination." goes quite well with it. Therefore, I do not have to attain the summit aspired, it's just "the cherry on the cake" of a tour. Mostly it comes off but if not I'll just try it some other time again.

Intrinsically I am mountain hiking to enjoy the fantastic nature, to ease up and to recover my balance. That's why I am not reluctantly en-route on my own as I can thus follow my own rhythm and ease up. Unfortunately, the latter is not possible with all potential companions. Well, oftentimes one is not really on one's own en-route. There are time and again nice encounters with other hikers with whom one shares part of the walk, join each other on the summit or if one gets well along with each other to wind up the day when it suits with a joint dinner.