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Bodenschneid Lodge (1.365 m)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Moonlight Hiking", i.e. it was planned to descend in the light of the (full)moon.

At about 4pm we started from the parking site in Enterrottach. Unhurried ascent via Kühzaglalp to Bodenschneid Lodge. As the ascent to the Bodenschneid summit was still snow-covered and the innkeeper told us that some others returned before they reached the summit we decided to stay and had a longer break at the lodge. At about 8.30pm descending the same way back.

Bodenschneid (1.669 m) leaps into view, Rinnerspitz (1.611 m) on the right

Bodenschneid Lodge
Bodenschneid Lodge (1.365 m), in the background Bodenschneid (1.669 m)

Eckspitz (1.388 m) from Bodenschneid Lodge

Bodenschneid (1.669 m)

the moon rises - decampment

What a relaxing hike! :-)