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Fockenstein (1.564 m)


Sunday, May 2, 2010

We started from the parking place after the Sonnenbichl Inn in Bad Wiessee and ascended via the Soellberg ski piste and Waxelmoosalp to Aueralp (1.260 m). Although it was raining continuously in Munich when we started we were unexpectedly rewarded with best hiking weather.

After a short stop at Aueralp we hiked the direct way to the summit of Fockenstein which meanwhile disappeared in the clouds. Unfortunately, the clouds didn't clear away so that we missed the usually great mountain view. Instead we were rewarded with the 'song' of a displaying mountain cock which one hears not every day..

As the alternative trail via the Neuhuettenalp was hard respectively not to find in the clouds we took the same trail back with a little short cut over the meadow directly to the beaten track. Meanwhile it had begun to rain again so that the stop at Aueralp to warm up was very welcome. After a little refreshment we walked back in heavy rain via Soellbach Valley to the starting point where we arrived quite drenched with rain.

view from Soellberg ski piste to Tegernsee - in the background Riederstein and Baumgartenschneid

marsh marigold - our colourful company while ascending

on the trail from Aueralp to Fockenstein (1.564 m) - oops, where is it ;-)

on Fockenstein summit (1.564 m) which we finally found :-)