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Riederstein (1.207 m)


Monday, April 5, 2010

The first time in the mountains again after about 4 years.

We went by BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn) to Tegernsee. We started at about 12 hrs from Tegernsee train station. Ascent via Pfliegeleck and Galaun Lodge (1.060 m) to Riederstein. After a little break we went on to Baumgartenschneid while it began snowing. Alongside Baumgartenschneid via Baumgartenalm (1.368 m) and Stadeltal descent to Schliersee where we took the train at 17 hrs back home.

chapel on Riederstein (1.207 m) from Galaun Lodge

Galaun Lodge
Galaun Lodge from Riederstein

Rottach-Egern at lake Tegernsee seen from Riederstein (1.207 m)

in front of the chapel on Riederstein (1.207 m)

Really exhausting the first hike after that long time, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. :-)