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Staffel (1.532 m)


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Start from the parking site in Fleck. After a few metres along logging road I turned into a short cut. The trail started steeply uphill so that I quickly gained some metres in height. When the trail merged into the logging road again unhurriedly forward until turning left into the 'Steinplattl Trail'. Now walking continuously uphill until the trail led out of the forest on the south side of the Staffel and opened up the view of the Karwendel. Accompanied by this great view which continuously changed the hike went on until I arrived the meadows at the Staffel Huts where the last ascent started. Soon I arrived at the top.

After a short rest on the top with a great view of Benediktenwand and Walchensee I went quickly downhill back to Fleck. A beautiful day not least as the weather kept up against prospects.

view of Benediktenwand and Brauneck while ascending Staffel

a great view of Karwendel despite clouds

the trail on the south side of Staffel

the trail close to the Staffel Huts

view of Sylvenstein Reservoir at the Staffel Huts

'final spurt' to the top of Staffel (1.532m)

view of Walchensee from Staffel