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The Capricorn woman aspires to career and social advancement. She performs her tasks of life dutifully and disciplined, she copes with upcoming problems responsibly. Ambitiously and perseveringly she nearly always achieves her ambitious aims. The Capricorn woman keeps house well, economises with money and comes to secured property. She wants to be taken seriously, she can't put easily away ridicule and criticism. From the man of her dreams she wants fair-mindedness and affinity of nature. The Capricorn lady longs for a man who particularly provides her reliability and a little prosperity. He shall also have occupationally been successful because she wants to be proud of him. She also does efficiently and diligently the chores because she likes tidiness and cleanliness. The well-being of her family is very close to the heart of Capricorn women, men and children have top priority for her. Her friends can count on her reliability, comradeship and helpfulness.

Editor's comment:
This is a little extract of that what is credited to me as Capricorn. What of this is eventually true will be a closed book for most people. And, no, I'm not going to put my individual horoscope on this page because this would reveal too much of myself. <fg>