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How everything started

In fact, I was among those who adamantly refused to having modern techniques in the form of a personal computer and not at all with internet connection at home. Since I sit every working day in front of this square box which surprises me again and again, be it by refusing to work - caused by indefinably cosmic disturbances - or by trouble-free working.
At least at the time when techniques found its way also into our company, I succeeded in confusing a personal computer in such a way that it had to be returned to the manufacturer and had never been seen again, not to mention that one has ever heard about it again.
I was wondering about this a fairly long time and I came to the conclusion that Moni & computer would only be feasible with extremely rugged hardware. <g>

So far so good. As I started in 1998 with evening studying it took not long until I wanted access to the usenet newsgroups to make learning easier. Without personal computer and internet connection this was just not possible and, therefore, I brought myself to equip me suitably. No sooner said than done. In May 1999 the 'good thing' was delivered.

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Hard Ware

My 'old one', a Siemens Scenic 500, was allowed to retire well deservedly in the beginning of April 2005 and is still waiting for upgrading:

   - Intel® Celeron™ Processor 400 MHz with 128 KB Second Level Cache
   - 64 MB SDRAM
   - 4,3 GB Ultra-DMA/33 Hard Disk
   - CD-Rom 32x
   - Floppy Drive 1,44 MB
   - ATI AGP Graphics Card with 8 MB SDRAM
   - 2x USB Interface
   - ISDN-Box I-Surf/USB
   - PCI Sound Card Terratec
   - 17" Monitor

Of course ISDN was connected and internet access via T-Online ordered.

Later came along

   - a Printer: EPSON Stylus Color 660 and
   - a Scanner: AGFA Snap Scan Touch

In August 2002 it was somewhat upgraded:

   - 256 MB SDRAM
   - Maxtor D740X 6L040J2 (40GB IDE Hard Disk, ATA133, 7200rpm, 8m)
      Had already broken down in February 2005 due to bad sectors. :-(
   - TEAC CD-W540E (40x CD-RW Drive)
   - Realtek Network Card so that one can 'couple' at times. ;-)

In March 2005 a new Monitor fell due:

   - BenQ FP767-12, a 17" TFT Monitor

My 'new one', a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo T; since the beginning of April 2005 my master computer:

   - Intel® Pentium® 4 Prescott 3.0GHz Processor with HT Technology, 800MHz FSB, 1MB Second Level Cache
   - 512 MB DDR SDRAM
   - 200 GB S-ATA Hard Disk
   - 16x DVD-ROM Drive
   - 8x DVD+R-R/+RW-RW Double Layer Writer
   - 6-in-1 Card Reader (CF/MD/MS/SM/MMC/SD)
   - NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 Graphics Card with 128 MB RAM
   - 6x USB, 2x FireWire
   - RTL8139/810X Family Fast Ethernet NIC

Editor's comment: The increase of speed was remarkable. ;-)

Since July 2007 I am surfing the web with DSL 6000:

   - Rate: T-Home Call & Surf Comfort (ISDN)
   - Hard Ware: Speedport W900V

Although I initially had doubts regarding the switch it worked out quite easily and quickly. :-)

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How I found my way into the Usenet

So far so good, my computer was delivered pre-installed so that I had only to introduce myself to T-Online. I went straight on to the school homepage from which one could access the newsgroups with just one click on the newsgroup link. I was not admittedly aware of what a newsgroup is at that time. ;-) But, after a good man pre-installed Netscape as browser this programme managed starting the Messenger and it worked by itself.

Somehow or other I managed it after half a year to access a 'de'-newsgroup whereupon T-Online sent me a 'welcome to the newsgroups' mail after my first posting in this group - by the way, a wonderful TOFU posting <g>, but my emotions had driven me. So I found the T-Online Newsgroups of which t-online.talk.allgemein appealed to me and I read along zealously. On January 1, 2000, I dared to post there for the first time.

Well, I have been posting in the usenet since January 2000 and have learned pretty much thanks to the many helpful experts in the groups and cottoned up with my computer and many new things.

After finally having finished the evening studies successfully in July 2000 I started properly: In October Hamster (a local server) was installed because the Netscape Messenger vehemently disassemled newsgroups and this eventually annoyed me. Shortly after Korrnews (a tool for Hamster) was installed to automatise some functions and to give my playfulness a chance. ;-) End of November I started to test a real newsreader, the Forté Agent, and I finally afforded it for Christmas.

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What else I deal with

Certainly, I had still been thinking about a homepage not to say that some folks pushed me, I should also... ;-) In October 2000 I created a few pages with Netscape Composer. Unsatisfactory, as this was not what I wanted. I was rather interested how this works in principal. By the way, an essential reason why these pages actually exist: It's an enjoyable way to learn how to create websites. Well, in January 2001 I started to use Ulli Meybohm's HTML-Editor Phase 5 and converted everything to HTML 4.0. The further development of the HTML-Editor has been taken over by Hans-Dieter Berretz meanwhile. In February 2001 I made the next step to XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS. And to do some credit to my zodiac sign all pages were checked by the validator as a matter of course because they have to be clean, else it would not be acceptable. ;-) In August 2001 I did not like the layout of my websites any longer and redesigned all pages so that they appear a little more 'professional'. Just 7 years later the next redesigning is in process. ;-)

I will continually work at my websites. Besides the continuous extension of content it will also be redesigned as long as everything will be consistent with my conception.

Since March 3, 2004, I own the domain 'mogla.de' and since June 6, 2005, my website runs on a server of domain)FACTORY.

In what else I'm engaged in addition to my own website: