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Below you find some of the English books I read over the years and which I like(d).


Alan Paton: 'Cry, The Beloved Country' (Penguin; ISBN 0-14-018173-3)
Recommendable! Makes one aware of the apardheid problem in South Africa in a special way. It's the story about a father who goes from his village to Johannesburg to seek for his son and what he experiences while his search.
Harper Lee: 'To Kill A Mockingbird' (Mandarin Paperbacks; ISBN 0-7493-0134-1)
This story gives attention to the racial issue in America and the prejudices associated with this problems from a lawyer's who defends an Afro-American in lawsuit and his family's point of view.
Toni Morrison: 'Song of Solomon'
Toni Morrison: 'SULA'
(Picador; ISBN 0-330-30502-6)
(Signet (Penguin Group); ISBN 0-451-18240-5)
The 'Song of Solomon' was the first novel from Toni Morrison I read and which let me acquire a taste for it. 'SULA' was even so pleasant to read.
Charlotte Brontë: 'Jane Eyre' (Penguin; ISBN 0-14-025412-9)
Well known...
John Irving: 'The Cider House Rules'
John Irving: 'The World According to Garp'
John Irving: 'A Prayer for Owen Meany'
(Corgi Books; ISBN 0-552-12724-8)
(Ballantine Books; ISBN 0-345-36676-X)
(Corgi Books; ISBN 0-552-13539-9)
Irving and his idiosyncratic way to call a spade a spade one should like. I am just as well fascinated by him as confused. Possibly this is exactly what appeals to me.


Most of the books I have naturally read in German. If you want to have a look just follow this link.